Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Digital Love by Hello! Lucky

Love the look of letterpress invites but can't afford the hefty pricetag? Hello! Lucky press has started digitally printing versions of their famous letterpress invitations.
What's the difference between digital printing and letterpress? Letterpress is a "hand-crafted printing method dating from the 1400's that results in stationery of exceptional beauty with each ink color indented into the paper" - usually on a high quality cotton paper, and is usally quite spendy due to the labor intensive process. Digital printing is "fast, affordable, modern printing technology that results in stationery with a flat surface and vivid, beautiful colors" so you can still get the great designs without the cost of letterpress. Here's a few of my favorite digital invitations by Hello! Lucky...

"Vintage Rose" For instance, on this Vintage Rose invitation, 50 of these in letter press would set you back $373.75 - or you could have 100 digitally printed for $240!



All photos on Hello! Lucky
I'd say almost none of your guests (unless you are friends with an invitation designer) will even know what letterpress is, but everyone can agree that the digitally printed invites are every bit as lovely!
More Hello! Lucky to come...


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