Saturday, March 21, 2009

Wedding Lingo

When reading wedding sites and blogs, it can seem like they have their own secret language. Take STD for example - only in bride world does that mean "Save the Date". The other day I commented on my MIL to a single friend and she said "MIL? Oh you mean "married talk"". As a bride to be, it can help to know this wedding lingo and avoid confusion. Here is a cheat sheet to help demystify the wedding jibberish.

BM: Best man, or bridesmaid
BP: Bridal party
DH: Dear husband
DOP: Day of Planner
DW: Destination wedding, or dear wife
E-ring: Engagement ring
E-party: Engagement party
E-pics: Engagement pictures (usually taken outside in a variety of poses, outfits, locations)
FFIL: Future father-in-law
FG: Flower girl
FH: Future husband
FI: Fiancee
FILs: Father-in-laws
FMIL: Future mother-in-law
FOB: Father of the bride
FOG: Father of the groom
FSIL: Future sister-in-law
GM: Groomsmen
GP: Grandparent
HM: Honeymoon
JP: Justice of the Peace
LTBM: Living together before marriage
MIL: Mother-in-law
MOB: Mother of the bride
MOG: Mother of the groom
MOH: Maid of honor
OOTG: Out-of-town guests
RB: Ring bearer
RD: Rehearsal dinner
STDs: Save the Dates
TY: Thank you

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