Wednesday, April 1, 2009

DIY English Spring Time Bouquet

As soon as I spotted this lovely bouquet picture on OnceWed, it was put into my file for a daily favorite later on. But then, the lovely picture turned out to be a teaser for the lovely bouquet DIY project! It was so amazing, I just had to feature it here, too. Thank you to Chelsea at OnceWed for this beautiful project!


For the Bridal Bouquet:
You need:
10 red/white anemone stems
3 full pink roses
10 Ranunculus stems in eggplant
2 bunches of buttercup greens
2 bunches of vinca vine
2 stems of green hellebores
clippers or scissors
ribbon (1.5 yards)

Step # 1: Remove all most of the leaves from the stems.

Step # 2: Start with a selection of flowers in your hand. Add roses at the bottom and let the ranunculus buds peek out at the top. Turn the bouquet each time you add a new grouping of flowers. Keep turning and adding until you are happy with it. Add greens around the bottom.

Step # 3: Secure with twine.

Step #4: Clip the stems so they are all the same length.

Step #5: Wrap ribbon around stem and secure with two pins.

All photos from OnceWed

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