Friday, May 8, 2009

Sara's Inspiration Board

Sara is the roommate of my brother's girlfriend, and she is getting married August 1st at Wallowa Lake in Eastern Oregon. I put together this inspiration board for her based on what she told me about her theme, colors and location. "The theme we are going for is rustic country with a color palate of dark and latte brown, ivory, with a red accent, and my dress has a little dusty rose pink on it (the ribbon) and I would like to include it a little if I could (maybe in the bouquets??). The wedding ceremony will be outside on a hill above Wallowa Lake and the reception will be at the local community center. I have already booked both sites and have hired a band that has a laid back country feel." Sara also loved the idea of using mason jars as favors, and is having a BBQ potluck meal. Here's what I came up with for her!

Here were some of my ideas for her:
*Use a galvanized washtub as a beverage container if you are going to do bottles of beer (or old-fashioned root beer/Stewart's sodas for the kids) - it is a little thing you can do that really can help carry your theme!
*Since you are thinking of doing potluck, figure out early on who will be making what since it's a big commitment to cook for a large group, and then have a point person call everyone two days before to confirm as well as have that person on the day of collect the food from people - so probably should be someone not in the wedding party.
*I would definitely recommend having assigned tables, but not assigned seating. This will help your event feel a little more 'special' without feeling stuffy.
*For your seating cards, you could hang them with wooden clothespins from yarn or a clothesline strung criss-crossed near your entrance. Scatter some hanging pictures of you and your fiancee from when you were both little, fun times as a couple, or your engagement pics. It will cost hardly anything to do all that, but will make a big impact for your guests and decor!
*I think doing the mason jars as favors is a great idea, have one at each place at the tables, then when a guest goes to their table they will find their favor! One little extra could be putting the packet of whatever you want tossed at the end of the night into the jars. I would use glassine envelopes for these, and you could sew them shut in a zig-zag with red thread! Super cheap but very cute.
*Stringing bistro lights (bigger bulbs than standard Christmas lights) across your dance floor would create a canopy of light and would be an amazing touch!
*Have a smaller cake for cutting and put it onto a charming cake stand, then have a pie buffet and sheet cake for your guests. This can save you money while offering even more options! The pies can be part of the potluck aspect and will really add to the rustic charm.
*Tie the silverware at each place setting with red and ivory stripped ribbon.

Do you have any additional low-cost rustic country ideas for Sara??

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  1. I love the idea of the clothespins holding seating cards and pictures hanging from a clothesline. Another addition would be triangles of fabric in the colors of the event, which will stay attached and keep the look after all the seating cards have been taken down. This is a good way to splash some color up!


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