Wednesday, June 3, 2009

"Hello Lover!"

So says Carrie Bradshaw when she glimpses a pink, ruffled, Christian Louboutin heel in "I Hear NY", the season 4 finale of Sex and and the City (kind of my favorite episode, can you tell?) Wedding Chicks shared the news about $795 shoes down to $189? Yes, please! You have to check these out (okay so they may be knockoffs, but you can look like you shelled out waaay more) and maybe even pick some up for all of your colored wedding shoe needs!

The real Christian Louboutin's are available online at Barneys, Neiman Marcus, and Saks Fifth Avenue.


  1. Hi Annie!

    I need to recruit your skills and access to vast resources of all things wedding: will you do a post on "Best Bridesmaid Hair" sometime soon? :) I am in dire need of some ideas and as I'm sure you know, when you Google Image Search "bridesmaid hair" you get a lot of bad prom 'dos.

    Just a suggestion!

  2. Totally! I should have that up later this week (fri or sat) after I do some research.

  3. Sadly, I've heard the quality of the knock offs is terrible and that $149 is nothing compared to the $800 for the real ones, but is a rip off for what you get. :-(


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