Thursday, July 9, 2009

DIY: Candle and Flower Arrangement

Today's DIY is a super cute centerpiece project for a bride who is looking into non-floral centerpieces or wants an inexpensive candle/flower arrangement that makes a statement without costing a fortune. Annie Selke, the owner of Pine Cone Hill home furnishings created a modern candle-and-flower arrangement that's perfect for a warm-weather wedding. Her idea: Place your goblets upside down on a table, tuck large blooms underneath and top with colorful votives. It may only take a few seconds to pull together, but the elegant impact will last all night.
Photo by Edward Ho via Rachael Ray

Here's how to go about finding all the elements:
Goblets and Wine Glasses: The mix and match glasses used for this centerpiece are what makes it so great since the different heights and shapes add interest. For the glasses, you could pull from the glass collections your parents, his parents and your own personal collection. You could also check out places like Save-On-Crafts or the home sections of your local Tuesday Morning, T.J. Max or Ross for good deals on sets of glassware that you can mix and match with other pieces.

Candles: Unscented different colored votives are the best for this type of centerpiece, and can be either lit or unlit and still look pretty! For a day time outdoor event where you might encounter winds, stick to unlit. If you plan on lighting the candles, make sure the burn time will be a few hours longer than you need them for. Find unscented bulk votives at places like or Keystone Candle Company, who has a great selection of unscented colored votives with a 10 hour burn time, plus a flat shipping rate of $7 on orders under $100.

Flowers: If you are using a florist for your personal and attendant's flowers, see if they can order you some blooms for your centerpieces. If you are doing your own, order some extra flowers. Some good places for ordering bulk flowers are FiftyFlowers .com (I love their selections of peonies and garden roses), Grower's Box and Costco. Google "bulk wholesale flowers" for even more options.


  1. Ooh, this is super cute -- and so easy! And, sidenote, though I promise this isn't going to be a dialog via comments on entries :D -- but I just had to say: darn, now you've totally given me an idea for *where* I could wear a cute vintage suit to! I mean, surely we could do some sort of 5-year vow renewal + reception (we got married in Vegas, with 40 of our friends + family in attendance), and then that vintage suit could make it out... Hee, thanks for the inspiration :D

  2. Do u think this would work with silk flowers as well??

  3. aaaw so cute and very unique too!! Looks fabulously elegant.Great idea by the way.Love it!Thanks for sharing and keep posting for more.

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