Friday, July 10, 2009

DIY: Wood chip vase

Going for the increasingly popular rustic look for your wedding? This DIY might be a good one for you. This project is courtesy of Natural Home Magazine. This is a simple way to turn a humble vessel into an eye-catching centerpiece of eco-d├ęcor. It’s the perfect project to create right after the trees and bushes have had their yearly pruning. Cutting wood into slices lets its beauty and character show. A few thumb-thick branches can yield enough slices to cover a surprising amount of square footage. They could make great gifts for after the wedding, but make sure to keep a few for your newlywed nest!

Materials needed:
Several small branches from trees or bushes, ranging from ½ to 1½ inches in diameter
Recycled tin cans *( I think that the tin cans work pretty nicely for this project, but you could also use terra cotta pots or old vases)
Low-VOC, nontoxic glue such as RooWood Glue
Coarse sandpaper
Lopping shears or long-handled pruners

How To:
1. Using shears, cut branches into slices about ½-inch thick. You will need slices in a variety of diameters to cover the surface completely.
2. Start at the bottom of the pot or can and work your way up. Dab glue on both the wood slice and the pot’s surface to ensure a good bond.
3. Always dry-fit each piece in place first to ensure that it will fit nicely with the other pieces. Fit tiny slices into small, awkward spaces.

Cost: If you use recycled materials only, FREE! Minimal costs for the sandpaper, shears and glue if you don't already have these lying around.

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