Saturday, August 1, 2009

Bride and Groom Session: Mallory and Josh

Know that you'll be crunched for time on your wedding day? With all the family photos and group shots and running around, there might not be time for enough pics of you and your man - I know there wasn't on our wedding day! Consider a "day-after"portrait session with just the two of you, or pre-wedding portrait sessions called "Bridals" when they just feature the bride, "Groomals" when they just feature the groom, or "Bride and Groomals" when feature both bride and groom. Once popular mainly in Utah, Bride and Groomal sessions are gaining popularity with brides and grooms who want a relaxed photo session in a different location. This stunning photo session of Mallory and Josh was done by Rebekah Rebekah Westover Photography. It was shot on a day with the "weirdest weather ever. There were no clouds, and it was sunny. But it was raining at the same time!! (That's what all the white specks are in the photos)." The result is pure loveliness.

All photos by Rebekah Westover Photography.

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  1. Where'd she get her dress do you know? Designer... anything would help thanks!!! :)


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