Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Inspiration Board: California Casual

Once a California girl, always a California girl...I love the casual cool feeling that California can give off like no where else. A palette of red, yellow and cool blue mix perfectly and playfully for this chic wedding. Starting with red shoes + bouquet, a ceremony under palm trees, a cool poolside reception and ending with a visit from the best burger wagon in the world, In-N-Out Burger = a Cali-tastic wedding!

Photo credits: All Photos via Style Circle. Top row: Palm tree photo by Jose Villa, red shoes photo by Orchard Cove Photography.
2nd row: Red bouquet photo by Justin Marantz, yellow M&M ring photo by Diana M Lott, program photo by Jenna Walker.
3rd row: Pool reception and ceremony aisle photos by Erin Hearts Court, billy ball photo by Linda Chaja.
4th row: Red drinks by Lisa Lefkowitz, In-N-Out truck photo by Cheri Pearl.

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