Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Wedding Anniversaries: Paper

My first wedding anniversary is coming up this Sunday the 6th, and we are wanting to follow the customary anniversary gift theme for our gifts to each other. The first anniversary gift is traditionally paper.

From Martha Stewart Weddings:
"Paper is the first of a few years' worth of anniversary gift themes that suggest a young couple's modesty of means as well as inexpensive ways to celebrate. Symbolically, paper also signifies fragility; a new marriage is a blank page, a tabula rasa, on which to print reassuring words -- a favorite poem, say, or a love letter.
Use paper to propose a new adventure to your beloved. At top, a folded-paper boat heralds a cruise. Slip game tickets into a sports section. Julia Child's Mastering the Art of French Cooking and a recipe card announce enrollment in a gourmet-cooking course. The handy medium for exchanging phone numbers for many a couple who first meet in a bar or restaurant -- a matchbook -- bears an invitation to meet again where that first encounter took place. Tuck concert tickets into an envelope made from photocopied sheet music."

I'm trying to come up with something cute like the suggestions above for my husband, I love how all those ideas involve a paper gift wrapped cleverly in a paper item. I'm thinking a gift certificate to our favorite restaurant in Carmel, Casanova. (Carmel is where we got married and where we will be spending our anniversary). I saved a menu from there one time so I could fold it into that, but the problem is that the restaurant has gone the gift card route instead of paper!

Any other sweet paper anniversary gift ideas for me?

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