Thursday, September 24, 2009

Wedding Design: Pretty Parisian

There is a fabulous wedding magazine you will be hard pressed to find in a bookstore or at a newsstand here in the US called Wedding Style Guide: The Ultimate Design and Decoration Magazine for Your Wedding . Hard to find, because it is an Australian magazine. I don't know of any wedding magazine here that bills itself as "the ultimate design and decoration magazine" and Wedding Style Guide has me wishing there was one. They feature tons of great wedding theme ideas and downloads for templates to go along on their website. I LOVE this shoot and am even debating shelling out $11 to download this issue.

From Style Guide: "This oh-so-pretty slice of Paris will transport guests on a whimsical journey to the Parisian tea salon era. Subtle pastel hues, an eclectic mix of blooms, fine vintage-inspired glass and the aroma of decadent chocolates will delight the senses. This is romanticism at its best."

"A Wedding with a Slice of Paris"


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