Friday, October 16, 2009

5 Years of Brannie

Five years since our first date at Cafe Lucky Noodle.
Five years since we both knew we'd found something... "the one".
Love at first sight? : ) Possibly.
But I think you really had me at "Art Vandelay".
I love you Brandon - then, now and forever.

Scene of our first date - Cafe Lucky Noodle in Eugene - pretty much the only Thai/Italian restaurant I know of.
Our first date table
You had the peanut curry (peanut Hamp) and I had a bellini and the Lucky Noodle. Yum.

Almost 4 years later the signature cocktail of Cafe Lucky Noodle, the key lime martini, would be the signature cocktail at our wedding. I guess the Lucky Noodle really is "lucky".
mmmm...key lime martini

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