Thursday, October 8, 2009

Inspiration Board: Confetti Wedding

Inspired by the confetti wedding feature in the just released fall 09 issue of Martha Stewart Weddings... A palette of playful pinks, reds, orange, white, gold and navy, and decor and food all reflecting the party perfect theme of confetti. Celebrate with (inexpensive!) confetti inspired pop-up paper decor, handmade confetti seating chart incorporating all your colors, pink and white bouquets, navy bridesmaids, POP champagne bottles with colored straws, a pain white fondant cake dressed up with paper decor and as a final treat a mini doughnuts covered in colored sugars. And of course, a confetti getaway.

Confetti Wedding

Sources: Confetti seating chart from Martha Stewart Weddings, pink paper decor photo by Lily Kesselman, navy glove and bouquet photo by Jamie Hammond via Amorology, POP champagne from Martha Stewart Weddings, decor photo by Millie Holloman via Style Circle, colored mini doughnut holes from Martha Stewart Weddings, confetti getaway photo from Martha Stewart Weddings.


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