Friday, October 30, 2009

Invitations: Becky and Tyler

When I featured Becky and Tyler's super cute picnic wedding the other day, I knew you guys would love it as much as I did. Today I get to share with you the incredible invitations for the wedding that the bride Becky designed herself - super impressive! It was a process she loved doing so much, that she is now offering her invitation/save the date design services to other brides via her Etsy store for an amazing rate!

From Becky: "One of my favorite parts of planning the wedding was designing the invitation. It was so fulfilling to sketch it out, draw it up on Illustrator and send it to the printer. Everyone thought I was crazy, but I was insistent that the corners needed to be rounded and the finish was matte. Can you blame a girl for knowing what she wants?"
"I was so happy with how the prints turned out and they were a great price too. Check out the printer I used at"
"Of course I decided that I wanted to hand address the envelopes myself and I searched high and low for the exact white pen that I needed that would be bright enough on the red envelopes (I finally found it at Paper Source). Since I had overestimated my ability to hand address all 350 invitations myself, my amazing family and dear friend did most of them for me (hehe thanks guys!)."
"I also spent several afternoons driving to various post offices to find the stamps that I liked. I put three stamps on each envelope for a little added character."
Thanks so much for sharing Becky!!


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