Thursday, October 15, 2009

Our Wedding: My engagement ring

I love, love, love my ring. At our wedding and engagement session, we didn't get any shots of my ring, which really bummed me out. Thankfully, we did a "year after" style session with Stephanie Williams where we got a fabulous shot of my engagement ring. My mom was the first person to actually see my ring - she was at a home and garden show and a jewelry dealer happened to be there. She saw the ring, knew I would love it, and had them email her pictures of the ring that she forwarded on to me. I then conveniently left the pictures up on my computer when my boyfriend (haha it sounds so weird to call him that!) Brandon got home. We moved to Seattle a few weeks later, and after a week Brandon suggested we go to the Seattle Home and Garden show - he had arranged for me to be able to see and try on the ring! It fit perfectly, I was in love, and eight months later it was on my finger and I was engaged! My husband and I found my ring through Victoria Marie Jewelers, an estate and antique jewelry dealer in Auburn, Washington. They knew the diamond was cut in the 1890's and the setting was from the 1920's with lots of hand-done filagree, and that it was not die-cut - so there is no other ring exactly like mine. What they didn't know but I found out was that my ring was made by Sophia D, an art deco jewelry designer. Some of her pieces have sold through Sotheby's and Christie's auctions, and I'm dying to find out more information about her, so that's my next project!


  1. love the wedding blog! i got my shoes on and loved every second of them.

  2. I'm glad you like it. Such a serendipitous story...

    -Mr Packman

  3. The ring is so beautiful... and i really really really like the bouquet and your photos!Congratulations!

  4. Hi, we saw your post and we appreciate all the praises. Our Sophia D Collection can be seen in our website ( or in our instagram account (sophia_d_fine_jewelry). You can also contact us at We are located at 10 West 47th St., booth #4, New York, NY 10036. Our phone number is (212) 398-9282. Thank you again for your support.


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