Monday, October 12, 2009

Videography: Thinking about it

After posting Friday's "wedding video" from The Office wedding of Jim and Pam, it actually got me thinking about wedding videos and how tricky it can be for brides to figure out if videography is something they want or need at their wedding. I know for me, it seemed expendable. I mean, I was stressing about having hors d'oeuvres and favors in the budget so a wedding video seemed "unnecessary". Boy was I wrong and how glad am I that my in-laws insisted on paying for one! Wedding videos have come along way since our parents' wedding days, and there are so many amazingly talented videographers out there who can make something so special for you two to always have of your wedding day. So this week I'd love to showcase some awesome wedding videos to get you thinking about whether or not it's something you may want on your big day - and hopefully will have an interview with a videographer about why video should be a part of a wedding day and included in your budget!

Here's a wedding video of Monica and Rhett that I just LOVE by Iris and Light that shows some different things you can do with a wedding video. Enjoy!

Monica + Rhett Wedding Highlight from IRIS AND LIGHT on Vimeo.

Is a wedding video something you are considering? Are you opposed to having videography at your wedding? Leave a comment and weigh in please - I'd love for Marry You Me to be more interactive, and I read all the comments! (For those who don't know how to comment, here's a tutorial!)


  1. Videography was one of the first things to be stricken from the various to-do lists. I decided I didn't want a glorified music video montage of our big day (my friend who recently got married had a video in that style and LOVES it, but it's not for me). I love photography, so I'm diverting whatever funds might have been in the budget for video to still photography. I do have a good friend who dabbles in filmmaking, and have recruited him to tape the ceremony for us, and I've since totally fallen for the old-style 8 mm wedding videos. Ultimately, I'm hoping I can either recruit an art school student or work a connection of my photographers' to get some sort of hip videography on the cheap!

  2. Hi Kathleen - I can agree that everyone has to find their own style for doing videography. The one thing that I loved about our wedding video was having our ceremony and those vows we said to each other recorded (and I would have loved to have had super 8 - like you I'm totally all for that medium). I plan on showing some super 8 video this week on the blog and am trying to capture the full specturm of different types of wedding videos to discuss them and show brides what's available. I was going to mention for brides on a budget exactly what you are doing - recruiting a friend or art student or up-and-comer to save money and still have some sort of video! Thanks for the comment :)

  3. As a photographer I have become hooked on wedding cinematography thanks to the amazing work of Still Motion and others. I started slowly changing my focus from wedding photography to wedding cinematography because of its powerful storytelling abilities. Actually, I love to combine the two, as there are times that a picture can tell a story better than motion and vice-versa. Couples who decide against having their wedding captured on film or video will truly never get to experience their wedding from the perspective of their guests. Actually, when it's done right you'll get to view your wedding from a perspective that nobody had the opportunity to view fully.

    When I shoot a wedding I shoot it with the goal of telling a story of the couples day by editing together both images and stills.
    Here is a link to the last wedding I've edited.

  4. I found your website the other day and after reading a handful of posts, thought I would say thank you for all the great content. Keep it coming! I will try to stop by here more often.


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