Friday, November 6, 2009


I confess to: Not getting this whole "mustache on a stick" in e-pics or at weddings trend.

Your thoughts? Discuss with me.


  1. agreed! An ironic mustasche is best when it's real and on a dude. otherwise... I dunno. I sorta think the props in the photobooth is a weird thing too. Why would I want pictures of my friends at my wedding in a viking helmet? This makes no sense...

  2. (mustache. sorry for the misspelling!)

  3. Kathleen - so true and so funny, you made me lol with your viking helmet comment. I totally don't get the prop thing right along with the mustache thing. I've seen weddings that were elegant & beautiful but somehow became strange when the guests took the photo booth "dress up box" and migrated to the dance floor, the photogs snapping tons of pics. Then it looks like a wierd high school dance. But, I'm sure it is fun...

  4. Totally agree. I think it totally depends on the style and theme of your wedding. If you are having something really nice, and classy and then all of sudden there is this inconsistent prop like a mustache? Now if the wedding is a little more casual and funky throwing in a viking helmet and mustache can fit the scene just fine!
    p.s. Annie, found your blog off a comment you made on my wedding video trailer sneak peak! haha Ever since getting married I am too obsessed with weddings! All the fun searching, and planning of your own wedding just gets you that way. I still look at all the different blogs and fun sites I came across when starting on my own wedding. I now wonder over to yours! I'll have to add you on my blog list of wedding blogs to go see :) THANKS!


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