Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Feeling low..

Feeling a little down. I can't tell you how many times in the last few weeks I have emailed photographers about featuring a wedding that they just posted and that caught my eye only to be told it is going to be featured on Style Me Pretty, Once Wed, or Snippet & Ink among others. On one hand, it's nice to know I have good taste and those sites like the same things I do. On the other, it's hard to feel like I'm hitting a wall in my blogging and can't go much farther with what I have. I would love more than anything to be able to re-design and turn Marry You Me into a real wedding site with a snappy design ascetic and same great content. That is my goal - to be a legit wedding blog - this is my passion and I pour so much of myself into this blog. But accomplishing my goal requires $, not a ton, but enough - and that's something that is in short supply in my life right now (I know I'm not alone in this though!). Sorry to be a downer, I'm just wondering what to do and felt like putting what I want out there into the universe so that things might start clicking for me.


  1. Sorry you're feeling down :( I'll start putting good vibes out for you to see if that won't help the universe along too. I think you'd make a great serious wedding blog -- you're one of my favorites for sure! I wish I had any advice, but alas, I have none. Chin up! You're awesome! (Also, I looked at some of your wedding pics on flickr, and holy crap you looked amazing! I can't believe you did your makeup yourself!)

  2. Thanks Kathleen - you always cheer me up or make my laugh out loud whenever I read your blog! I was working at a cosmetic counter at the time of my wedding, so that helped, but doing makeup on other people is so different than doing it (and lashes!) on yourself. So thank you for the compliments - you made my night. :)

  3. I've never commented before and I know how fun it is when someone speaks up about liking my blog, so I'll just tell you that I like your blog! :)
    I don't really know much about "professional" blogging, but I started following you because of your amazing mood boards. You and Snippet&Ink (sorry to bring up competition :P) are definitely the best I know of out there on that front. I'm not sure what you can do with inspiration boards (wedding planner?) but I think that's your strength.
    Also, I loved your wedding dress and the color of your bridesmaid's dresses.
    Keep your chin up! ^^

  4. I also don't know much about professional blogging, but maybe there are other wedding photographers that you can sniff out who aren't featured by your competition. Try my photog: She snaps some wonderful weddings, I know there are other photogs out there who would probably love to have their work featured but they just aren't approached.


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