Thursday, December 3, 2009

Inspiration Board: 1930's Romance

I have a serious love of all things vintage + historical, and the 1930’s has always seemed like a romantic decade where love carried people through the hard times. I adored the picture of the bride, groom and bridesmaid in shades of purple and built this board around it. Purples, pinks, and dusty greys make this small wedding stately, yet cheerfully optimistic - just like the couples of the 1930’s must have been as they started their new lives together.

1930's Romance

Credits: 1st row L to R: invitation suite and plates from Martha Stewart Weddings, centerpiece photo by Christian Oth Studios. 2nd row L to R: wedding party photo from Seattle Bride, family photo wall from Martha Stewart Weddings, bouquet from Seattle Bride, headpiece from Seattle Bride. 3rd row L to R: box, handkerchiefs and cake from Martha Stewart Weddings, limo photo by Hugh Forte.


  1. I LOVE this board! It´s brilliant, in fact it would be perfect for a photo shoot inspiration!

  2. Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful. Love the colours.


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