Monday, January 11, 2010

Inspiration Board: Sweet Fancy

Today's board is a sweet old-fashioned punch-and-cake wedding reception with loads of vintage charm. Even as late as 1958, wedding planning guides of the day stated that most weddings were followed by a simple, yet lovely reception that included punches, cake, nuts and mints and coffee or tea.
(Source: Your Vintage Wedding by Nancy Eaton)
What better time to revive this charming tradition than in today's economy? The tricks to pulling off this wedding would be lots of tulle - the ultimate 1950's bridal fabric. Have your maids in pretty pastel tulle tea-length dresses (like the ones shown by Ouma on Etsy), and serve your guests lots of confections like lots of cakes - which can double as decor on cute cake stands with glass domes, macarons, jordan almonds, and ice cream molds in the shapes of wedding rings or wedding cakes. Add in champagne punches and fruit punches - both alcoholic and non-alcoholic - and everyone will be pleased as punch!

Sweet Fancy

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