Friday, January 8, 2010

Real Wedding: Taryn and Justin

Today's real wedding is packed full of subtle style. I love this winter bride's dress, her veil and feather headpiece, fur jacket, and bright shoes and bouquet. Her groom Justin is the perfect compliment to her in a grey suit. It's so sweet that they stole away together to a diner for lunch - just the two of them - between their ceremony and restaurant reception that evening. And Lindsey of Green Apple Photography captured the two just perfectly.


  1. Her shoes are just beautiful and they look so cute together!

  2. Such sweet pics! I love the one with the green clock.

  3. These are beautiful pictures, and they are a lovely couple- her veil is gorgeous and that suit! He looks fabulous :)

    All that being said I actually winced at that huge fur, I couldn't help it :( Animals are usually skinned alive and electrocuted through their genitals to kill them without harming the fur, it's difficult for me to understand the choice to torture defenseless animals in the name of fashion :( Perhaps it's fake, or perhaps it has sentimental value- a grandmother's or something. I hope so.


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