Monday, May 3, 2010

E-Session: Gingham, Wildflowers and Coca Cola

I was so excited when I came across the work of Wesley and Emma of W + E Photographie - an awesome soon-to-be husband and wife team based in Birmingham, Alabama. I was even more excited when they sent this e-session my way. What's better than a vintage inspired e-session in a field full of wildflowers? Maybe these pictures, which captured the couple's sweet love for one another so perfectly.
From Emma of W+E Photographie: "shaina + courtney are such cuties! not only are these two beyond adorable, but they share a pretty great sense of style too! wesley and i are such suckers for plaid, so their red, white and blue gingham theme was right up our alley. shaina + courtney were acquaintances for quite some time before their love blossomed into what it is now... and let me tell you, these two are completely and totally smitten! they finally fell for each other when they happened upon a chance meeting at the library. and not to mention their completely sentimental proposal - courtney took shaina to every spot where they, throughout their relationship, had shared a special moment, with the last being the lake where they would get engaged! too sweet!"

Thanks so much to Wesley and Emma of W + E Photographie for sharing this session with me!


  1. How sweet and romantic. Love the gingham, proof summer is on it's way!

  2. Love the all feeling of this e-session!! A cool couple and what amazing images!!!

  3. I love all the gingham and red and blue. It reminds me a bit of a 4th of July picnic:)

  4. This is a great shoot! They look like a rad couple!


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