Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Summer Floral Class @ ink & peat

This past weekend I went to Portland and while I was in town I took a celebration of French cooking class at Le Cordon Bleu and I also went to a hand tied bouquet workshop at the fabulous florist + shop ink & peat. I attended ink & peat's spring floral workshop and loved it, and couldn't wait for this class. We made two different hand-tied arrangements, a one-sided arrangement and a Dutch spiral all sided bouquet, using all seasonal, mostly local roses, garden roses, dahlias, unripe blackberries, poppy pods, mint, and flowering oregano. Getting the hang of arranging the flowers in my hand was no small task - I'm left handed but do most things besides writing with my right hand, so any new endeavor takes some switching off of hands to see which works better. I was pretty happy with my results!

Also, I did a guest post over on The Sweetest Occasion today - my first inspiration photo shoot!

Here's the hand tied Dutch spiral bouquet I did in class... I love how with each turn it has a different look to it!

And here's the one sided hand tied arrangement
Pam, the owner of ink & peat has a great blog called housemartin that is a must read for floral inspiration plus great finds she comes across for the home.


  1. Gorgeous! I'm so excited to move out there and get to go to classes like this. I'm always getting the newsletter and bummed I don't have anything like this in my area. There are so many good classes in Portland and my good friend there just got a letterpress machine so you'll be invited to our parties!

  2. You are a natural, I love your bouquet. Thank you for always sharing such beauty!

  3. Love your bouquet!! You are a true natural!!


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