Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Ali's Bachelorette Finale Dress

Confession: I don't watch the Bachelorette, but I did see pictures of the dress that bachelorette Ali wore on last night's finale and it was enough to make me wish I'd watched. Well, almost.

Pretty gorge, right? Silk chiffon is just sooo romantic! According to StyleList, Ali wore a "shimmering champagne-colored, silk chiffon customized Alberto Makali gown" selected by the show's stylist, Cary Fetman. "The gown, which originally had straps, was altered to suit the reality star's desire for a strapless look that was "soft and flowing," according to sources familiar with her choice. Some of the original version's crystal beading was removed from along the bustline for a more subtle effect. "She wanted to look glamorous but also be relaxed and comfortable," one source revealed to StyleList."
Pretty glamourous for the girl who has declared she'll wear Converse sneakers at her wedding!

Here's some similar-ish silk chiffon options for anyone feeling inspired by Ali's glam frock:

So what did you think of Ali's finale dress. Were you as wowed as I was??


  1. I also fell head over heels for Ali's dress...it reminded me of Belle's gown from Beauty and the Beast! So soft and romantic.

  2. I love your dress picks..and the show and her dress were so great!


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