Monday, September 20, 2010

E-Session: Vintage Luggage, Camera and a Field

When I received this stunning e-session in my inbox, I couldn't wait to share it. Marita and Andrew are a gorgeous couple, and just a few simple props and a lovely countryside location helped take this e-session from good to great. Photographer Andria Lindquist captured the couple perfectly: "Marita and Andrew met in Japan when they were juniors in high school. Andrew returned to the U.S. to attend school at the University of Washington while Marita remained in Japan for one year until she came here to attend Seattle University. They dated for six and a half years, and left for Florida the morning after their e-session in Seattle. They are the cutest, most joyful couple. I can't wait to shoot their wedding in Florida this upcoming spring!"

Thanks so much Andria for sharing these amazing pics! To see more from this gorgeous e-session, check out the other part and look on Postcards and Pretties!

Credits: Photography by Andria Lindquist Photography, Makeup and styling by Courtney Weedman, Dress from Anthropologie.


  1. What a yummy photo shoot and adorable couple!

  2. these two are the cutest!! love how their shoot{s} came out!!

  3. We love this! Vingate luggage helps {in such a subtle way} to create a fun, adventurous, and timeless feeling!

  4. Absolutely beautiful! And I must say, I love that he's sitting on the smaller of the suitcases!

  5. I have said this before...but in the road shots get me EVERY time! There is something about a start and how the road just continues on...just like a relationship/marriage - with curves and hills and valleys... Gorgeous shot! Adorable bride to be!!!


  6. Thank you so much for featuring us and for all of the wonderful comments! We couldn't have asked for more from Andria, she's beyond amazing.



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