Friday, November 19, 2010

Announcing the 2010 TWIPS Homespun Holiday Exchange

I'm so excited to announce the
2010 TWIPS Homespun Holiday Exchange!

TWIPS are Twitter Wedding Inspirational Pals, we're a group of bloggers, vendors, and brides who communicate on Twitter (under the tag #TWIPS) and above all inspire and encourage one another. It's really pretty fab. :) You can find out more about TWIPS as well as sign up to become an official Twip here.

The Homespun Holiday Exchange would involve making a homemade/handmade gift (with an $10 price limit) for another participant and mailing it by December 8th. Oh, and it will be a secret Santa type gift exchange, so you won't know who has you. Some of us TWIPS thought this would be a fun little way to bring some TWIPS love home during the holidays!
So I'm sure you really want to know "The Details" and how you can sign up:
  • The signup deadline will be next Friday, November 26th.
  • The shipping deadline for your gift will be Wednesday, December 8th (to make sure it has plenty of time to get there!)
  • We're keeping the gifts in a winter theme that would be approprite for anyone celebrating during the holidays. :)
  • There is a $10 price limit (not including shipping).
  • DIY phobes welcome. It's all about doing what you do best - great at baking? Make your favorite cookies and wrap them in a cute package. Handy with a glue gun? Whip it out and go to town.
  • We will all be blogging about our gifts sent and received, so you'll want to take pictures of the gift you are sending and the gift you receive.
Sound good to you and want to sign up? Send an email to with the following info, and I'll send you back a confirmation with instructions.
Twitter handle
Url (blog)
Email address
Your state or country
* There are going to be international participants in our gift exchange, which can cost more for international shipping. Just let us know in your email if you would be alright with shipping internationally or if you prefer to keep it domestic! (In your confirmation email there will also be some general shipping tips on how to keep costs down.)

So excited to have a very, merry TWIPS holiday season with all of you!

photos via Martha Stewart


  1. WAHOO! I'm so excited to be apart of this!

  2. Love it!!!! Guessing I'll have Intl shipping costs no matter what :-)

  3. How fun is this?! The ideas keep getting better around here!

  4. I would love to be a part of this but I have to travel now till the 5th and that is just not enough time !! But it will be fun to see all the fun !!

  5. Ooh, great idea! Gifting is my favorite thing in the entire world!

  6. So fun! Thanks for organizing this, Annie!

  7. Is it still possible to sign up to be part of #TWIPS? I follow all the tweets already!


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