Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Tuesday Shoesday

It's Tuesday Shoesday, and the sight of these turquoise satin d'orsays peeking out from underneath a gorgeous lace dress with some pretty polished toes had me at hello today.

So these are another pair by Paris Hilton, which means pretty pink soles! (I swear I'm not trying to pick her shoes on purpose! Lol. I find a shoe pic I like, then I track down the shoe info). These 'Suarey' shoes come in turquoise satin (as shown), black satin, grey satin, ivory satin and pink satin.


  1. Paris Hilton shoes-who would have guessed they'd be so adorable?

  2. I love blue, is one of my favorite colors... and if you had a bow.... ou got my favorite Tuesday shoe day ;)


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