Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Inspired By: Boardwalk Empire

The season finale of HBO's Boardwalk Empire was this past Sunday night, and I have to admit, I love a period show/film especially if its done well. Boardwalk Empire definitely was, and watching it was a Sunday night ritual with my husband. Even if I was (admittedly) squeamish at first about the violence and gangster theme in the show, I was won over by the storylines, acting, directing, cinematography, sets, and especially the costumes. I couldn't help but notice the effect that Boardwalk Empire has had lately on fashion, its amazing to see after such a short time! I thought I'd share some of my personal faves I've found that speak to the 1920's - 30's Prohibition era that Boardwalk Empire is set in - a time of Champagne, shorter hemlines, and all night dancing. 

 Boardwalk Empire photo from Vanity Fair

(a steal of a vintage style wedding dress!)

Boardwalk Empire photo from Vanity Fair

And now, because it is Tuesday Shoesday afterall, some shoes...
Buttons and Bows heel, $37.99 (also comes in grey)

No flapper girl would be complete without her long pearl necklace.

And no 1920's reception table would be complete without a table lamp!
  These lovelies from the MoMA store transform any regular wine glass into a lovely little 1920's inspired table lamp:
The Boardwalk Empire set drank exclusively from champagne saucers (also called coupes). These pretties from Kate Spade have Mr. and Mrs. imprinted on them, perfect for your 1st married champagne toast. kate spade "Darling Point" champagne saucer pair, $80 

In the latest issue of Southern Weddings Magazine, there was the prettiest 1920's style shoot you ever did see by Jillian Event Design. So many swoon worthy period details here, from the invitations by Thoughtful Day to the signature cocktail and the prohibition style bar venue!

Photos by Anna Wolf Photography via Southern Weddings

Want some more Prohibition Era inspiration? Check out this amazing wedding I featured a while back.

Hope you enjoyed some of my Boardwalk Empire inspired finds! Have a lovely Tuesday - xo Annie


  1. You, once again, nailed it! Those pearls! OMG and I love that dress, "tender is the night". Needless to say that show is just BANANAS!!

  2. WOW! What a mega-post full of sweetness, Annie! Loving that Mint dress and the vintage silver tray with the martinis!

  3. OMG ANNIE, YOU KNOW ME SO WELL!!!!! I absolutely love this!!! ;) Amazing inspiration and a perfect setting for a Tuesday shoe day!!!

  4. Oh, this is so great! The roaring 20s is one of my favorite time periods!

  5. love your picks, annie! especially the shoes ;)

  6. OMG absolutely gorgeous!! Love those cute dresses and you can't go wrong with a t-bar shoe!!! We meant to watch Boardwalk Empire but didn't book the right channel in time... will have to wait for it to come out on DVD!

  7. ANNIE-THIS IS AMAZING! Sorry for all the caps, but I had to convey my overwhelming excitement!

    I confess to actually drooling on John's shoulder well before 9:30pm the first time we watched this show, and he too was a little horrified by all the violence. But we're finding that we can ignore a little horror in exchange for the divine sets and costumes!

  8. Dear lord this is an amazing post! :)
    I love love love those 1st black shoes! I seriously have always wanted a pair just like them!
    I haven't seen the show (I don't have HBO) but I was intrigued the first time I heard it was in the 1920s!


  9. amazing post annie! i see a lot of 2011 weddings with this theme!!

  10. This is brilliant! I honestly added the Cuckoo Bootie to my Christmas wishlist.

  11. Loves it! I thought I was the only one who thought the By Cover of Cirrus Dress would be a great wedding dress. I'm patiently waiting for this dress to return; currently out of stock. Hopefully this will be the dress I walk down the aisle in on 8/13.


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