Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Guest Post: Luna and Chloe

Hello lovelies!  Kristi here from Luna and Chloe Weddings. I can't tell you how tickled I am to be guest posting for Annie while she makes the trek across the pond. I actually was hoping that I could fit into her suitcase, but no luck! Just so you know: I adore Annie and Marry You Me!

I met Annie on Twitter one day (@MarryYouMe), and I will never forget her knowledge of super random facts (I think that's what she called them).  She informed not only me, but a handful of other Twitter friends what American Food Holidays our birthdays fell on!  Me, I was pretty lucky as my birthday is National Peach Ice Cream Day, others weren't as happy. However, we had so much fun that day, and lots of laughs.  Since thinking of Annie is associated with fun, laughter and good times, I thought that my guest post for her needed to incorporate these things.  And what's more fun than a circus (or carnival)?  After all, isn't it the "Greatest Show On Earth"?  (Just no clowns in my circus, as clowns kind of freak me out.  So a circus with no clowns.)

In putting some thoughts together, and after seeing an amazing circus themed wedding a couple of weeks ago, I knew I needed to create some amazing invitations.  However, when I ran across the ones just below I knew that these invitations were just what I was looking for,and lucky me that I didn't have to create them.
I love how they incorporate a free kiss card, and the yellow envelope with red confetti is such a fun touch.  I do think I would change the invitation somewhat to be just a tad more flashy (like the free kiss card), or at least on a white card to make the red really pop.  But the presentation from the outside is perfection!  In keeping with the red, white and yellow theme of the invitation, we all know that balloons, popcorn and candy are a must!
Yet, I thought of a couple of other details that might be fun to use too.  
Like mini marshmallow shooters...
Not only will the little boys love this, but the big ones too.  It is quite fun actually, and as I am all about safety...this is about as safe as you can get.  Just put in a marshmallow and blow as hard as you can.  It would be lots of fun to have a contest to see who can shoot their mini marshmallow the farthest!  While I picked up the above one at Michael's for $2.00, you can easily make your own with PVC pipe.
Also who doesn't love a box of goodies?  This box could be used in either of two ways:   (1) as a Save the Date, just add a Save the Date card and a note for your guests to practice their skills; or, (2) to use as favors. 
Guest Post
If used as a Save the Date, I would include stickers on each items that said:
  • Juggle Me - for the yellow balls (which are actually stress balls so they are squishy and very light weight),
  • Throw Me - for the confetti
  • Find Me - for the three card monty
  • Toss Me - for the ping pong balls (just a cup is needed)
  • Wear Me - for the winner button
  • Blow Me - for the balloons
Whether you use for Save the Dates or favors I would wrap the box with brown craft paper.  If using as favors I would add a red and white stripped ribbon around the box to dress it up some.  Believe it or not the box is extremely lightweight (one of my goals for save the date boxes), and would be inexpensive to mail.

Another idea would be to use mini playing cards as glass markers.  Not only is it fun, but it is super easy to do.  Plus, it will help your guests remember what glass is theirs.  And no worries that there are only 54 cards in a deck including jokers - by adding a red, white or yellow ribbon you can get up to 162 different variations.  Or you could always use different style of cards.
Homemade confetti is another fun idea.  Use red, white and yellow tissue paper and just cut it up.  Confetti is perfect to have your guests throw up in the air as you walk down the aisle.

Also, regular sized playing cards make great favors.  You could always make or order customized cards too.  Tied with a ribbon, they are simple favor idea.

And just remember that everybody is a...
For the buttons, I just added some white ribbon to the buttons to make them a little fancier.  Cute, no?
So there you have it my dears - a couple of ideas for a circus (carnival) themed event!  I would love this theme for a rehearsal dinner too.
~ Ciao
...image 1 & 2 via once wed, designed by Meagan Bennett & all other images...concept, design, styling and photography all by luna and chloe weddings

Thanks so much Kristi! I love that she remembered our twitter exchange of national food days, in case you are wondering my birthday is National Fried Shrimp Day. As random as it gets! 


  1. who are you...and why are you awesome at everything?

    you know kristi...we're cool and all...but we're on the verge of not being if you keep that up. you know? i kid, but this is a pretty annoyingly awesome crazy awesome. and marshmallow shooters? you read my mind.

  2. Absolutely ADORBS!!! I LOVE that it's so easy to make confetti! and yet I never thought of it! lol. Leave it to Kristi!

  3. This is FUNtastic!! Nothing beats marshmallow shooters, confetti and a fun color palette.

    ps clowns scare the crap out of me too!

  4. Lizzie's right, this is crazy awesome! I love the colors, the fonts, and best of all, the fun that you couldn't help but have at a party like this one!

  5. This is adorable in so many ways!! It's fun, it's fresh!!!! Love it!

  6. I would love to receive that little box of fun in the mail!

  7. Oh my gosh I LOVE this!!! SUCH FUN!

  8. are you serious right now????????? this might be the best guest post ever. and could you please come over to my blog and make it awesome too? this is ridiculous, i love the detail you went in to based on one invite.... love it!

    (annie can i change my guest post now? i'm afraid to go up after this!) ;)

  9. I totally adore the confetti! I love this post!


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