Friday, April 29, 2011

My Favorite Royal Wedding Highlights

After much hemming and hawing over where in London to watch the Royal Wedding today, I decided late last night that Brandon and I would head into the heart of it all and join thousands in Hyde Park to watch the proceedings on the jumbo screens, and meet up with fellow wedding blogger Gaby of Cap Classique. I am so glad I did! For several reasons: Gaby is so sweet and it was amazing to watch with someone who loves/knows weddings as much as I do, the atmosphere was fantastic and it felt very British, we got to drink champagne and have tea sandwiches + cheese while watching, and most importantly we got to watch the whole wedding on the screens versus waiting/standing for hours along the route to possibly catch a glimpse of them as they went by. Here's my highlights for the day in photos!

1. Catching my first glimpse of THE dress.
It literally took my breath away as soon as I saw it as Kate getting into the car to travel to Westminster Abbey (on the screen in Hyde Park). I am a huge fan of the 1950's silhouette and the timeless look of lace. I thought it was very Grace Kelly yet Kate made it her own. It was very classic, and so elegant. Her dress featured embroidered rose, thistle, daffodil and shamrock to represent each nation of the UK - the symbolism and meaning were so perfect for what she was going for with the whole feel of the wedding.

2. Hyde Park viewing party (and getting to wear a fab fascinator!)
Me poppin' champagne in Hyde Park
The crowd was so exciting to be around, everyone was picnicking, I got to watch the wedding with Gaby of Cap Classique and my hubby while drinking champagne. What more could you ask for?
Gaby of Cap Classique and me

3. Watching the ceremony.
Because who doesn't love wedding ceremonies? My hubby Brandon took the these from where we were sitting in the  crowd.

4. Confetti!

4. Getting to eat a piece of THE Royal wedding cake.
Yep. Official royal wedding cake baker Fiona Cairns made 50 extra frosted cakes as a backup and so Brandon and I both got our very own {free} pieces of the royal wedding cake this afternoon at Selfridges on Oxford Street, not far from Buckingham Palace and the Mall. The wedding cake was a traditional English fruitcake, but trust me it was not like you would usually think of fruitcake as being! This was moist, flavorful and delightful. It was frosted first in marzipan and then in fondant. Yum.

5. Will & Kate's classic car getaway.
LOVED this part because it was so cute and unexpected. At the end of the day, they are a real life couple, and I thought it was such a sweet surprise that they would have their own classic car getaway and get to personalize their big day that way. 

Tell me, what was your favorite part of the Royal Wedding?


  1. I loved the little things they were whispering to each other including the little things Harry was saying too! It really did feel so intimate and real not just like a big show to put on! I am so jealous that you got to actually be there to watch! SO amazing!

  2. Ah!! I can't believe you were THERE!! My friend & I had a slumber party, waking up at 3:30am to begin the viewing. We laughed & cried & thoroughly enjoyed every moment. I'm sure your experience was AMAZING and one you'll treasure forever!

  3. Thank you for sharing that with us, Annie! So glad you met Gabby and she met you. My fave was the dress because I am a fan of that silhouette and it was befitting of a royal wedding. I absolutely thought the getaway was brilliant and was so, as you mentioned, unexpected. I could not keep my eyes open for much longer but the kisses woke me right up! Who thought we would have seen them kiss twice! It really was a lovely day and I'm so happy that you were there to witness it in the flesh! My regards to Gabby! Hope you enjoy the rest of the festivities! xo

  4. Aw, so glad you got to enjoy the wedding here in London! As a Londoner I couldn't quite manage the thought of trekking to Hyde Park with millions of people but so nice to read about the day here. For me, the look they gave each other during the ceremony did it for me. Oh and the kiss, the kiss.

  5. I've been waiting to hear all about it from you-I love this! I'll admit, I'm a little envious that you got to sip bubbly with Gaby AND have Royal wedding cake! What a wonderful day, and a such a classic, gorgeous bride!

    Here's to her impeccable style, which brides will no doubt be copying for years to come!

  6. I love this! I am so teary! So AWESOME you were able to be there and meet nice people I knew it was a 1950s style and I was not surprised that she chose something like this at all! Gorgeous tasteful wedding, and enjoy that champagne and cake!

  7. That getaway was fabulous. I loved that they did that. Jealous you are in London right now!

  8. AHHH!!! Are those all your photos?? Like you were that close? Omg SO JEAL. I wish I was drinking champagne with you!!

  9. Okay, you are THE. CUTEST. gal in a fascinator I have ever SEEN! I absolutely love it. If I owned that, I would wear it every day just because! And I actually just learned, from you, that the wedding cake was a fruitcake. I knew that was the traditional cake, and wondered why theirs wasn't a fruitcake... But alas, it was. :) So awesome to be in London right now, you lucky thing!

  10. I LOVED all these moments :) cutest/best wedding ever! and lucky you for getting a free piece of wedding cake!

  11. omg Annie!! you were right in the middle of it all and you got to sample the royal cake & meet Gaby too!! so so jealous!!

  12. My favorite part was watching Kate's entrance into Westminster... I had plenty of time to take in the glory of her dress. (I agree with you about the fifties silhouette and lace-I did something similar for my own wedding).


    All This Grace and Charm

  13. How fun that you got to meet up and watch it with Gaby!!! I'm so 'homesick' for London after seeing all those scenes!! Love the fascinator!!

  14. So jealous, that sounds so fun! I loved her dress too. Oh, and I love the fascinator you're rocking as well :)

  15. @Alicia - I loved all of the sweet private (ok well not so private) things Harry said to William and William said to Kate, too! Thought it was the cutest.

    @Ashleigh - A slumber party sounds like so much fun! I think the wedding was even better for me having friends/my hubby to share it with :)

    @Naomi - I am with you all the way on the dress! I could look at that dress all day long. Perfect for her! And her makeup and hair were so perfect too. Love that she did her own makeup!

    @LondonBride - I totally didn't think I could deal with the crowds either but it ended up being such a lovely, polite and festive atmosphere I'm so glad I went! :) It would be fun to meetup with you while I'm here in London!

    @la petite coquine - Amen! Cheers to Kate's fabulous style! Hope you indulged in a Pimm's cup today perhaps my classic cocktail buddy!

    @Anna Walker - Loved the style as well. With my wedding I went for a 40's/50's classic, timeless feel as well so I was a HUGE fan of today and hope this style of wedding makes a comeback! :)

    @brit @ LandlockedBride - I know right? I was so glad they were able to do that and have pieces of normalcy and personalization in their day like any other couple!

    @Claire - Wish you were here too!

    @bonafidebride - You just made my day with this comment. I actually just took the fascinator off about 10 mins ago finally. I love it to pieces!

    @Raquel - I know, I totally lucked out on finding out about that cake! Thank you Daily Candy London!!

    @postcards and pretties - It was pretty amazing. I know I'll always remember today. It's like it was meant to be that I'd be here during the Royal Wedding, especially since I'd planned on coming for the past year!

    @Carly Anne - LOVED seeing her outside Westminster. So gorgeous. And I stood right there in that very spot yesterday which I kept thinking about before she went in the abby :)

    @Kate/MagnoliaRouge - I'm so glad I got to meet up with Gaby too! It was a fabulous way to spend the day. And London misses you back!

  16. I'm sure watching with all the crowds in Hyde Park was a different experience altogether--lucky you! Plus a piece of the wedding cake, too! My favorite parts were all the personal and real moments they worked in to all the pomp and pageantry.

  17. I LOVE how the lace was all handmade! Also, I loved the way when they kissed on the balcony that William just kinda of shrugged at Kate like saying "Uh, so, you wanna kiss now?" It was soo cute and showed their personality together I thought. I loved it how he kissed her twice on the balcony for everyone to see too! Yay for love!

  18. you are THE cutest and thank you so so much for taking us through your real life royal wedding journey. oh how i would have loved to have been there with the two of you lovely ladies!!!!

    p.s. cannot get over that you got a piece of the cake!!! AAAAHHHHH!!! ONCE IN A LIFETIME!!!! xo

  19. thanks for sharing, Annie - I'm totally in love with the wedding cake! Will feature it in one of my next posts and link to you. Have a great weekend!

  20. wow!! you got to eat a piece of the royal cake and you got to see kate in person!! I'm so jealous. What an experience that must have been! Plus you got to experience it with fellow blogger, Gaby! What's not to love about that? Thanks for sharing! What a wonderful memory to have! I'm beyond JEALOUS!!

  21. my favorite part was watching Prince William peak over his shoulder to sneak a look of his beautiful bride! i am so excited for my upcoming wedding!!!

  22. LOVE this post, you make us readers feel like we were there {when instead I watching on my laptop, in Amsterdam...even though I live in London!} It looks like such a fun day & how amazing that you got to sample 'the royal cake'! x

  23. What fun, Annie! It looks like you were having a ball! So happy you got to experience it first-hand! I adored Kate's entire look. From her delicate veil to her makeup and that was all timeless and showed off her true beauty! {A}

  24. So Lucky Annie! I am so happy for you that you got to experience something so encrediable. I hope you are having a fabulous time. Miss You!!!

  25. Fabulous moment!The bride was so beautiful with her dress!Very ideal wedding!


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