Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Fall Leaf Inspiration

It's definitely fall here in the Northwest, and I'm surrounded by lovely fall leaves in shades of red, yellow gold and orange. You can't help but be inspired by the beauty of fall and the leaves themselves, and I started thinking of all the ways you could incorporate fall leaves into a wedding. Here's some of my favorites:

In the Sex and the City season 6 episode where Miranda and Steve get married in a park, she holds a lovely bouquet of only fall leaves. I just love that idea!

A lovely leaf and rose corsage for the moms (or even the bridesmaids!)

Fall leaves don't have to be rustic. They can be modern and elegant, too! Here's two great examples:

Edible leaves spice up a plain fondant cake for a minimalist chic look. 
P.S. - this can be a huge savings on your cake
Edible sugar leaves by Andie Specialty Sweets on Etsy, 12 for $30

On to decor! Fall leaves can adorn everything from your aisle to your centerpieces to the venue walls.


  1. I want to get married again, but when the leaves are changing!!! Beautiful ideas

  2. I love these romantic Fall inspirations! I had to share this to the Michael Greene & Co. facebook. Beautifully done.

  3. This is why i love this time of year!!!

  4. Love all this fall inspiration-no surprise that I'm dreaming about an autumn wedding suddenly!

  5. Fabulous fall inspiration, I just adore the wedding idea they used on SATC <3

  6. I love that fall leaf from Better Homes and Gardens atop that stacked plates and with the clove of garlic. :D That would be a really cute centerpiece. :D

  7. I am so with you on this! Fall is SO beautiful, and I love these ideas of adding it to weddings. The rain boots and wedding dress: fantastic! :)

  8. Amazing autumn colours. It's realy splendid


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