Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Inspiration Board: Lemony Aqua

I've long adored this cheery color combination of lemon yellow and a cool aqua. The yellow is warm and sunshiny, while the aqua is cool and crisp. When put together they just pop, don't you agree? A perfect palette for a late spring or summer wedding. Buying bags of lemons to use as place cards and in centerpieces is an easy and inexpensive way to add color, and ribbons and paper poms hung as a backdrop for a dessert table or photobooth is a fun DIY project. And that cake! Keeping the outside a creamy white makes the striped yellow and blue cake layers inside a sweet surprise for your guests.

Credits: Clockwise from top left - Bouquet via Martha Stewart Weddings, lemon placecard photo by Hugh Forte via Amorology, inivatations by Jeff Canham via Martha Stewart Weddings, groom holding lemons photo by Jill Thomas Photography via Amorlogy, cake by Hello Naomi via Amy Atlas Blog, bridesmaid photo from Martha Stewart Weddings, lemons and ranunculus and ribbon and pom photos by Nicole Hill Gerulat.


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