Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Marry You Me Empire State Building Wedding Picks

The annual Empire State Building Valentine’s Day Contest is fast approaching! Couples can submit a creative proposal by December 5th detailing their personal love story for the chance to have their dream wedding at the iconic building itself. RedEnvelope and Pro Flowers have been asked to lead the design team for the three winning weddings. RedEnvelope asked me to pick five of my favorite items from their wedding gifts selection as inspiration for their designers. Being a lover of An Affair to Remember and Sleepless in Seattle, weddings and romance in general, I jumped at the chance! There were so many great gifts that it was hard to narrow it down to just five items, but here are my picks below. I went for a mix of modern and classic traditional for a touch of glamour:

A canvas timeline of your important milestones as a couple.

LOVE the glow and the luxe golden look these give off - so romantic!

First off, it's a steal at $27.95! A touch of classic typography wood art to hang at the wedding and later at your home.

So chic, and a great way to remember a loved one or the one you are about to marry :)


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