Our company has three hair stylists on staff. With the diversity of the three-one is American, one Canadian, and one local Costa Rican, you are sure to find the one to fit your style and needs. We can consult with you over the internet-exchange pictures and ideas.

When you arrive to Costa Rica, your stylist will do a practice (for a small price) and provide unlimited service to you and your wedding party on your wedding day. The stylist will stay on site with you until your hair is done exactly as you envision.

There are two Make-up artists on staff with us as well. Our American stylist is Professionally educated and will consult with you and accommodate your make-up style whether it is your normal everyday look, Natural and Earthy, or more of an excentric look for your special day. The local Costa Rican artist will provide the same services. Both are outstanding choices.

Brides typically approach their wedding day with a sense of style when it comes to their hair and make-up. Whether it is through magazine photos or a personal one-on-one sit down with our professionals where you describe your vision, our team of stylists can make your hair and facial outcome one will suit you perfectly.

Optional Locations

Local Spas

We have two different team options for your wedding day. You can travel to the spa or the team can come be at your service in your own personal suite or dressing room.

The spas provide a very relaxed environment-one that might suit you perfectly to get you away from the wedding day hype. Our local spas specialize in making you at ease, yet are dedicated to having you back to the location within your pre-set time frames.

Services to Your Hotel, Condominium or Villa or Even the Pool

We have professionals that will come right to your wedding day door to give you that personalized touch without leaving your own personal support team.

Wedding Services

Bride’s Hair

This will be one of the biggest statements of your personal style. If time provides, we all like to personally meet and practice styling the bride’s hair. This allows all parties to come prepared for an outcome that is PERFECTLY matched to your dreams of the day your husband to be will see you for the first time.

If destination travel time does not allow for a practice, we recommend the stylist and bride be in direct contact with plenty of photos and background information related to your hairstyle and makeup prior to your travels.

Time is so important the day of the wedding. Just when you think you have figured in too much time for your hair and makeup your guests are sitting anxiously awaiting your appearance.

Your wedding planner will make sure there is plenty of time factored into last minute changes from the simple addition of an unexpected flower behind your ear to a complete restyle of your hair.

Bridesmaid and Family Hair

At the spa or in your private quarters, our hair stylists are prepared to include your bridesmaids or family members after your dream hairstyle has been completed.

We will ask ahead of time which additional members wish to have a hair or make up service provided. We will get a feel for each woman’s ideas and give a quote so there are no surprises or additional stresses in the hours leading up to your wedding.

Our Coordinators and stylists also anticipate those members of your group that might be inspired at the last minute to have a quick up do and crown of flowers braided into their hair.

Wedding Manicures and Pedicures

This is one of the best ways to relax and pamper yourself during your wedding week.

Some brides leave their home town with perfectly manicured nails and a fresh pedicure. If time allows, it is nice to make a group event out of getting manicures and pedicures for your wedding party and special guests.

We can plan the perfect pre-party gathering complete with appetizers and some champagne to accompany your manicure and pedicure services. We can book you with a local spa (include transportation) or have the team come to your selected location.