A wedding is the start of a marriage and one way to avoid or lessen PWB is to focus on that. Many of you will feel exhausted after your wedding but this is perfectly natural and nothing to worry about. After so much effort, everything suddenly stops and your body will try to catch up on all the sleep it has lost by your frantic scurrying around and endless list making.

Remember school holidays?

You were guaranteed to come down with something dreadful and this is exactly the same. PWB starts when you cannot regain your energy or have no interest in anything else. Your wedding day will be one of the most exciting days of your life but it wont be the only happy occasion to which to look forward and this is what you need to focus on.

PWB keeps appearing on our forums so youre not the only person to feel this way. Try not to be too hard on yourself – its perfectly natural and you will overcome it, just give it time but also listen to some of our other brides who have offered us cures for this demoralising feeling.

By planning something a fortnight or so after the wedding or honeymoon such as an evening out in a good restaurant or a night in with friends, you will have something fun on which to focus. Your brain has spent weeks planning, so much so that several of you have even become involved in the wedding industry itself.

All of a sudden, this adrenaline rush is finished and you can sink into depression out of sheer boredom, no matter how wonderful your new husband is.

Even if you dont have much money, treat yourself to little things now and then. If you cant afford a restaurant, have a takeaway on a Friday night after a week at work or at home. Or cook a special meal, maybe something to remind you of your honeymoon. Have a hot, oiled bath by candlelight or ask your husband for a backrub if you cant afford or dont wish to use a professional and treat him to one in return.

For some of you, the major change will be living with your new husband. His endearing habits may soon become extremely annoying as you yearn for your own space and, if house-moving is coupled with stress at work and not even a wedding on the horizon, is it any wonder that you feel depressed?


Take Time for Yourself

Now that you are finally married, why not take the time to enjoy it? Chase the blues away by body treatments. Reflexology is great for easing away those troubles. If you don’t want someone to touch your feet, ask for it to be done on your hands and you will find it a fantastic way to ease all the aching muscles caused by writing interminable thank you letters.

Aromatherapy is also great for placating the blues. Tell the aromatherapist whats wrong and shell mix oils especially for you. Treat yourself to an aromatherapy burner and unwind in the comfort of your own home to the relaxing scent of lavender as you curl up and start the novel youve been dying to read but just never had the time.