My name is Emily Townsend, and I am ready to plan your destination wedding. My company is Silver Waves, and I coordinate weddings and events throughout Europe and Costa Rica.

My office is located in Herradura Beach across the street from Los Suenos Resort and Marina in Costa Rica’s Central Pacific coast. Although most of our weddings are located throught the Pacific Coast, we will plan your wedding anywhere.

Emily’s Wedding Reception

Los Suenos Beach Club I started in the wedding planning business 9 years ago by planning my own wedding in Costa Rica.

Experiencing the perfect setting that Costa Rica presented for my wedding excited me to assist other brides and grooms with their dream wedding in this amazing country.

Prior to moving to Costa Rica in 2001, I was a project manager in Nebraska and Iowa for 7 years, so a wedding and event planner career was a perfect fit.

The first few weddings I planned were for close friends and family to gain needed experience and industry knowledge. Over the last 9 years we have grown our wedding planning / coordinating business, and have a team of specialists to assist you with all aspects of your wedding, honeymoon, vow renewal celebration or special event.

I will be available for any of your questions, concerns or comments. You will have direct access to me through email, and 3 toll-free phone numbers to reach me: at my office, my cell phone and my house so you never need to worry about lack of contact.

We are Experienced

We specialize in tropical weddings and events. We have been working in the wedding industry for 9 years and have never had an unsatisfied bride, groom, or mother/father of the wedding couple. No group is too small or too big. We take much pride in forming a trusting and long lasting relationship with each individual couple.

All members of our team are certified, educated, and experienced in every aspect of personalizing your dream wedding.

We are TRULY a Team

The owners of Silver Waves started out as a small tourism company with the objective of renting their own properties, book a handful of tours on their private boat in the Los Suenos Marina, and host a few events. My husband Brian, his brother Barry and our other partner Suki manage the fishing, tourism and accommodation portion of the business.

I married into this group, and started the event and wedding planning to complete the Silver Waves’ resume. It is a love story to be told for ages. Since this meeting of talents, the four of us have lived here, toured here, purchased property here, dined here, entertained here, and all around generally felt and experienced PURA VIDA in Costa Rica.

It is nice having a friend, with the four of us residing in Costa Rica, to guide you through your every planning moment. Our team at Silver Waves will give our honest and experienced opinion on your every important choice.

All our Vendors Are Tested, Tried, and, True

We use the VERY BEST vendors that Costa Rica has to offer. We will guide you each step of the way and only recommend what is right for you. If I have ever had a bad experience with a vendor, they are off my list for good. It only takes one bad experience for a Costa Rica Wedding Planner not to recommend someone.

We have been lucky so far with all of our Go To vendors for your destination wedding. We have done many weddings and will only recommend people trusted to handle the details of your ceremony.

We Have Our Own Day-to-Day Blog

You can link to our BLOG for day-to-day photos and updates and what is happening in Costa Rica & Europe. We will keep you informed on the Costa Rica wedding scene. Plus, we will be posting many tips, stories, and interesting information relating not only to getting married and destination weddings, but also to Costa Rica in general.